Animals America is on a mission to rescue and protect animals in need with the help of those in our communities. When you donate your unwanted or unused clothing, you can help save animals’ lives in a way that also benefits our planet. Not every animal gets the chance to overcome abuse and neglect. But we can change that and give them a chance when the community works together.

Our vision at Animals America is to change awareness and advocacy for abused animals. In most communities, animal abuse is a second thought. And while our people need to be saved and protected, so do the other creatures with which we share the world. If we treat animal abuse as a second priority, the problem will never end. That is why we want to help communities understand the issues that perpetuate animal abuse and provide them an outlet to make real progress.

Abandoned dog

Our Goals

  • To reduce the number of animals injured, traumatized, diseased and killed because of abuse and neglect
  • To increase community awareness on the problem of animal abuse and its rampant growth
  • To provide organizations with the funds to continue and grow their services, saving animals in need
  • To increase reports of animal abuse (many cases go unreported; we want to encourage the community to speak up or find help if they are in need or see an animal in need)
  • To provide recycling and cost-saving opportunities that not only help provide a cleaner world, but a safer world as well.

Our business model combines animal welfare, repurposing clothing, passing on the savings to others, and reducing waste in our landfills. This is a win for the animals, the environment, your budget, and YOU! This gives our donors reason to do good and feel good about the actions they’ve taken to improve their community and the lives of others.

As a donor, of clothing or contributions to our fund, you too can look towards a better, brighter future in a world that is safe from abuse. Don’t throw away your unwanted clothing when it can be used for the wellbeing of animals in need. If you can donate one item, you can save the life of one animal who is crying for help right now.

The Problem

A family pet is hit repeatedly as punishment. An owner takes their dog to a fighting ring, and relishes in the potential earnings as their dog is repeatedly bitten and beat. A horse is left in the pasture for days without food or water. All of these are instances of abuse.

These and other acts of cruelty account for approximately 150,000 cases of animal abuse investigated each year. That’s more than 400 per day. The worst part of it all is that most cases go unreported, meaning thousands of other animals are still in pain and suffering, without anyone there to rescue them.

If you’ve ever encountered an abused animal or known an abuser, you know how sickening this is. Even if you haven’t, if you love a furry friend of your own, you can imagine the pain of seeing another animal like your beloved’s that is starving, fearful, or dying. With hundreds of thousands of reported cases, and more missed or not prosecuted, it is crucial now more than ever to stand up for what’s right and end the epidemic of abuse.

Dogs are the most commonly abused animals, with some breeds targeted more than others. Bully breeds (pit bulls) are especially susceptible to abuse, either in dog fighting sport or because owners want to make them aggressive in nature. Dogs are also common targets for beatings or excessive verbal abuse, along with cats who are often tortured and left in unclean environments.

Animal abuse strongly correlates with other crimes, including drug trade and domestic violence. A majority of battered women say that they delayed or did not leave an abuser’s household for fear of the consequences that their family pet would suffer. Many abusers abuse the pets of others to hurt the person emotionally. Domestic violence can also trigger animal abuse behavior in children.

Other forms of abuse:

  • Animal hoarding: About 2,000 cases of animal hoarding are reported in the United States each year. Hoarding often results in decrepit or unsanitary living conditions for the animals, lack of provided food and water, and increase in disease.
  • Animal sport: Approximately 40,000 people across the U.S. are involved in dog fighting. In this sport, approximately 10,000 American Pit bull’s (one of the most popular breeds) die. Dog racing is a close second to animal fatalities in sport. In 2000, 7,600 greyhound puppies and 11,400 mature greyhounds were killed because they could not be used for racing.
  • Animal neglect: Neglect and abandonment are the most common forms of animal abuse. Many of these animals die of starvation, dehydration, or are left on chains for years.

Animal abuse is rampant in the U.S. It can be identified in almost every community across the nation. That is why Animals America is here to help saves the lives of these suffering creatures. With the help of our communities, we can improve the lives of animals in every place where companion abuse exists. And, save our planet and our wallets through recycled clothing.

kitty in hand