For every animal who lives a safe and happy life, another is suffering in silence. They may be abandoned, in pain, demoralized, or under the control of circumstances in which they cannot fight back. These animals need someone to advocate for them, just as we advocate for the animals in our lives that we love. Every animal deserves a chance to live, to overcome, and to see more days filled with light and comfort rather than pain and darkness.

  • We fight to save abused animals from the hands of cruelty.
  • We save the injured, abandoned, unloved, and uncared for animals, just as we would save a suffering human being.
  • We protect those that we save, so that they never have to experience trauma again.
  • We repurpose what the Earth has given us, so that we can give back.

Animals America is a nonprofit organization 501 (c) (3) founded in 2018 to help animals suffering from abuse or neglect. By reselling and repurposing donated clothes, we fund organizations that provide lifesaving services to animals in need, in abuse, crisis, and disaster situations. This not only provides a second use for clothing that would otherwise be thrown away, it also provides people a way to help animals that cannot otherwise help themselves.

In addition to our work providing service and advocacy to animals in need, Animals America’s model helps to reduce textile landfill waste. Most clothing used in households is thrown away rather than donated, but with ease to donate and the altruistic incentive Animals America provides, we reduce waste which in turn furthers our mission to save animals’ lives.

Protecting animals protects our people. Many animal abusers are also perpetrators of other crimes, including drug and other illegal trade, domestic violence, and child abuse. If organizations are able to better report, track, and eventually find animal abusers, there is hope their other victims can escape the grip of their controller’s hand.

When you support Animals America, you help fight animal abuse across the nation. Your donation shows the community that you will stand up for animal welfare, while helping the planet become a cleaner, less wasteful place to live. Every item donated gives us the potential to save an animal in need. We can’t do it without your help.