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More than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States. Help lower that number, and you can save a life.

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What We Do

With every breath you take, an abused animal sighs their last, cries out for help, or fights to survive at the hands of an abuser.

With over 150,000 cases reported each year, and thousands more unreported and unseen, a proactive approach is the only approach. In order to save lives and protect animals from abusive or neglectful owners we must advocate for them. We can use our voices and our resources to change the lives of these animals, giving them the chance that their abuser never would.

Through the repurposing and resale of donated clothing, we can fund programs that rescue, rehabilitate, and prevent animal abuse from happening in the future. The only way to save these animals is to equip programs with lifesaving services and allow them to grow and continue their work.

Textile waste is a huge problem in America, especially since clothing can be used for many years after the original owner tires of it. When you’re helping Animals America, you’re helping the earth too. We use only donated clothing in our recycling and resale programs to prevent it from entering the landfills. Donating to Animals America not only funds programs for animals, it saves the environment, so we can all live in a place that is clean, safe, and beautiful.

Stop animal cruelty

Animals America gives animals a fighting chance.

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